New Sticky Wicket Releases

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Cricket is a way of life for a charming mix of immigrants landed here from the sun-soaked Caribbean, the bazaars of Delhi, the mosques of Pakistan and Bangladesh and the tea rooms of Cape Town and London.

THE CRICKET MATCH: Last season, reigning champs Jamaica Rebels Cricket Club failed to show up on time for the New Jersey Cricket League finals against the hapless Fernwood Cricket Club and Fernwood gleefully claimed the points. Not very sporting! Today, in their first meeting of the new league season, the city-based Jamaicans, still seething over the championship loss by default, are out to give the suburban-based Fernwood a whipping they’ll never forget. But, like they say, cricket is a funny game and the best team doesn’t always win. And, in this particular “grudge” match, it isn’t likely to win – not with Fernwood leader Freddie Watkins coming out of retirement to bat for his team, at the risk of breakup of his marriage. THE CRICKET MATCH is an updated version of WATKINS AT BAT, with new material. Click here to order the paperback version on Amazon. Click here to order the Kindle version.

THE STICKY WICKET COLLECTION: The cricketers’ way of life is upended when local officials, responding to complaints about “outsiders” who play a foreign game the locals don’t understand, reassign the cricket field to native-born Little Leaguers who play America’s pastime – baseball. The Collection is a compilation of the four-book Sticky Wicket Series – Watkins At Bat, Watkins Fights Back, Watkins’ Finest Inning, and Watkins’ Overseas Tour. They are connected stories about Watkins’ ingenuity in dealing with a cricket-vs-baseball clash of cultures on the playing field, and in reconciling his two conflicting loves: his wife and cricket. Click here to order on Amazon.